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Good Grammar Makes Business Sense

If your customers are primarily sourced via online or print marketing, then the calibre of your written communication is crucial in making a great first impression. Ensuring that your writing is error-free helps foster the perception that you – and, by extension, your business – are professional, sharp, and on top of your game. Customers are more likely to trust your business as a result.

This applies equally to other business communications, such as emails, social media posts, reports and proposals. You may do well in your job, but if your writing is sloppy and full of errors, it will give people the idea that you lack finesse and attention to detail; it may even detract from their confidence in your ability to undertake your work to a professional standard.

Rather than rush through writing, take the time to proofread your work, paying close attention to the basics, such as spelling and punctuation. If in doubt, do a quick internet search to double-check – it’s easy to get confused about ‘which witch is which’, but it’s even easier to find the answer online. Simple measures like this can send the quality of your written communication rocketing skyward. The best part? It gets easier with practice! Soon enough, you’ll find it second nature to decide between a comma or semi-colon; common stumbling blocks like ‘there, their, they’re’ won’t faze you for a second.

Getting stuck on tricky words? Can’t tell an apostrophe from a parenthesis? Edited by Wilde can help you out with proofreading, and ensure that your words get the polish they need to really make an impression!