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#Hashtags – a commentary

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Hashtags may seem a peculiar thing to write about as an editor – they don’t generally feature in more formal texts, nor are they common on websites. However, they make an interesting case subject: this tiny symbol carries a whole world of meaning in its four intersecting strokes.

Twitter and Instagram made hashtags popular by making them a clickable feature: click on a word or phrase with a hashtag in front of it, and you will see a list of every instance in which others have used the same combination. This concept eventually spread to other platforms, like Facebook. It is a convenient way to group ideas and information; but is there more to it than that?

Language and symbol use is inherently social – it is the means by which one person can communicate their inner thoughts and feelings with another. The humble hashtag plays an important role in connecting people, thoughts and ideas – in essence, it is a shortcut to meaning. It is an indicator that automatically links to popular conceptions or common experiences. For example, #winning #gettingswoll #oneofthosedays.

While it’s unlikely that hashtags will ever find their place in formal writing, they have become a powerful and important tool in settings such as social media. Businesses who want to connect with the culture and potential customers can use hash tags to build a sense of familiarity and relevance.


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Small Business Owners: Do You Copy?

What is copy, and what do copywriters do?

Copy is all of the written material produced by your business, for your customers. Whether it’s a social media post or a billboard advertisement, copy has the potential to influence customers – for better or worse.

A copywriter is someone who comes up with the written material you use to market your business and connect with your customers. Professional copywriters know how to appeal to your target audience and boost your business. Any business – big or small – can benefit from enlisting the services of a good copywriter.

Should I worry about copywriting for my small business?

Absolutely! If you run a small, local business, you know that standing out from the crowd is essential to bringing in new customers. Often, your written material is the first impression customers get of your business, be it a Facebook post, your website or a printed advertisement. They may only spend a few seconds reading; this means your words need to compelling and perfectly crafted.

Edited by Wilde consults with clients to best understand their needs, and the image they are looking to create for their business or service. We can work with your copywriter to edit and proofread your work before it goes live.